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An interesting question for all intellectual players - unblock ball block puzzle

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An interesting question for all intellectual players - unblock ball block puzzle

It is an addictive game for players who desire to have a challenging riddle to solve. You must enjoy Unblock ball block puzzle.

There are many gamers in this world desire to have an intellectual game to kill time. It can be a form of entertainment, as well as a form of challenging your mind. Unblock Ball Block Puzzle is the same. It is a difficult riddle to solve, and we bet that this can be an addiction to anyone who loves solve puzzle.

Key features of Unblock Ball Block Puzzle

Unblock Ball Block Puzzle is a product of Fun Free Fun. It can be easy at first look, but we are uncontrollably addicted to solving this problem. What you need is to lead the ball to the destination. You must create the way for the ball so that it can make itself to the target by move the moving the block. However, you cannot move the metal block.

Besides the problem of the path, you also need to care about the stars. Try your best to collect the stars along the journey to the hole. With those stars, you can get an extra point.

What interesting in this game is that it makes people think. That means you will need to rack your brain to find out the solution, unlike other entertaining games. With your brain working, games are not useless anymore. It brings us the feeling of success when we find the way out. It is such an amazing pride!!

The graphics design of this game is very simple. Just with the main color of brown, green, and silver, it makes a harmony scene. All of those deep colors will make us feel like we are in prison and need to find way out. The blocks look the same as reality. Editors have paid attention to every single detail to make their best efforts of producing a game.

It has over 300 amazing levels for you to solve from easy to difficult. Producers are still working on the updates. This game doesn't need any internet access or time limit. You can take your time and find out the best solution. It looks like no difficulty ahead, but it is sometimes very tricky. You may find it easy to learn but very hard to master.

What are the disadvantages of the game

This type of games has a very big disadvantage. It is only suitable for players who love amuses with riddles. The others, on the other hand, might hate racking their brains for just a game. Besides, the producers put too many advertisements after every single level. That irritates players to continue to play. Another problem is they easily get lag. But we think that this problem can be solved in the future.

In conclusion, Unblock Ball Block Puzzle is worthy for anyone who loves solving riddles. It will bring you an amazing feeling of winning yourself. Despite some flaws from producers, it is a game that need to be tried out.

So, have you tried or not? If yes, please let us know your experience! If no, don't hesitate to click here and download now: