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Be a hero with Jetpack Joyride

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Be a hero with Jetpack Joyride

Are you wondering how to kill time but entertaining as well? You can enjoy one day being a hero with Jetpack Joyride now!

The impressive numbers of this game!!

In general Jetpack Joyride has rating is 8.8 from 10. This means it must be very interesting with 4760728 people.

Published the first time in 2011 by Halfbrick Studios, Jetpack is one of the most popular side-scrolling endless runner action video games. In 2018, Lucky Duck Games announced that they would produce a real-time tabletop adaption of the game.

Features and interesting things to explore

The game uses a simple, one-touch system to control the jetpack when the players press anywhere on the touchscreen the jetpack fires and Barry rises. When you are continually moving, you cannot control your speed, just simply following the speed of the characters in the game.

What you have to do is must move as far as possible. You must take care of the danger that might appear anytime in this game, such as zappers, missiles, and high-intensity laser beams. However, there will be some ”spin token” that encourages you to go further, remember to collect them!

With the coins that you collect, you can buy new outfits that suit you the best. In this game, the outfits are very variable. From cool outfits to the delicate outfits, the designers have done quite well. Even some ridiculous outfits can look very funny and you must laugh when seeing them.

In gaming history, there is no cooler jetpack than in Jetpack Joyride. This jetpack helps you gain higher speed, move faster, and easily avoid the Obstacles throughout the journey. Moreover, the graphics of this jetpack are really cute, with rainbow or coin as a jet force.

If you want to have the best jetpack, you can upgrade it on a new level. Some modern gadgets and power-ups can be equipped too. This will definitely make you stronger, easily pass the whole journey. You might find it hard at first when you don't know what to do. But when you have been old hands, you will earn achievements on your own. How proud it is!!!

One another little interesting thing in this game is that you can battle against your friends. You guys will have the most wonderful time to play with each other without hurting yourselves. By playing the game, you two can be closer and share the same hobbies. It can also, on one hand, help you find friends easier.

So, this game has a lot of interesting things waiting for you. Just with one-touch control and you can open the whole new world. You can discover more, with cute graphics and interesting enemies to fight against. This game does not really affect your mental world but also have an identical effect in your real life!

Don't hesitate to join it right now. If you have memorial experience, please share with us!!