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Become a king on your own with titan throne

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Become a king on your own with titan throne

Grow up in the chaotic kingdom. Are you ready to discover a new world of tactics with Titan Throne? Let’s enjoy.

Have you ever imagined that one day you have to stand up to unite the whole kingdom?
Yes, Titan Throne provides you with only chance to use your tactics wisely. Let’s create your own story when you are one of those tribes: Human, Beasts, or Spirits.


Titan Throne is a brand new strategy war game for mobile devices by Camel Games, Inc. In this game, you will take a role as the leader and lead the army of troops, heroes, and beasts to dominate the world. You must defend your city or kingdom from surrounding monsters and other players’ city. Others can invade your city anytime.

Use your stunning magic and enormous army to build up your career. In this game, you can also experience the never-ending stories of conquering and exploring the new lands. Create the league with other nations so that they can protect and help you.


You can create your world in this game. Choose between human, beasts, or spirits tribes; every tribe has their tactics. Graphic designs are unbelievably stunning with 3D castles and characters. You can upgrade thousands of unique architecture to suit your style.

Moreover, new magic is waiting for you to discover it. You can fight or communicate with other players in Titan Throne, so gamers always feel comfortable when they are playing this game. It is a chance for you to make more friends with people from all over the world. Flags, slogans, and even statements can be made together with your friends.

One more thing is that you can recruit crazy but powerful heroes in every situation. From Jade, betrayal, bloody Mary to the queen of spirit, can all be your soldiers. From normal soldiers to giant biggest fear of enemies, you have to use more than 50 combinations to customize your army. Change your squad and upgrade heroes, armies, items, and equipment. You have completely different methods to do that.

For your enemies, all you have to do is quickly conquer their lands. You must restrict their resources to enrich your country. You can change the world inside out with attacking the lands on a large scale, know when to reconcile and be their ally.

So, with this game, you can enjoy your days of being a king to control the whole countries. You can train your intuition and your time management. If you are ambitious enough to be a king, don't hesitate to play this game. It can be the best experience for the practice of tactics.

Have you tried it? If yes, please let us know your feeling about this 4.5 star overall game!