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Become a True Farmer with Hay Day

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Become a True Farmer with Hay Day

If you love farming and want to spend your time on farms, this game is a good choice to help you relax. Let’s enjoy it.

With many impressive features, Hay Day is a favorite game in 122 countries. You will find it convenient to play the game on tablets or mobiles.

There are so many daily activities for you to do in this game. For example, it requires you to learn about the way of caring for your crops and the characteristics of the land. It is also necessary to trade your vegetables with friends or neighbors. The most noticeable feature in this game is that the crops always live without the rain. Besides, you have a chance to see cute animals on the farm. How wonderful it is!

The history of Hay Day

Hay Day was first released in 2012. Its manufacturer is Supercell. With many years in the game industry, it promises to bring happiness and surprises to you.

This game is suitable for many people, thanks to the freemium feature. It means you don’t have to spend any extra fee for buying new items if you don’t like. When it comes to playing Hay Day, you could play a role as a farmer in growing trees and crops, selling products, raising animals, and having competitions in derbies and more.

What are the key features of Hay Day?

It is easy to set up this game. Feel confident to discover an abundant source of Hay Day’s gorgeous features. You will have the duty of a farmer, such as:

  • Make any change in your farm
  • Trade fresh vegetables with your friends and neighbors. You have a shop where you could sell anything you want.
  • You have 2 ways to complete your orders. The first one is using your truck, and the second one is using a steamboat.
  • It’s time for you to fix your dock. Then, use the lure to catch fishes.
  • Set up your nice town and many guests will visit your town.
  • How to Install Hay Day Game
  • There is no difficulty in setting up and playing Hay Day. All of them are completely free. 

However, if you want to add new features to the game, you could buy some additional items. These items require real money. You must ensure that the internet connection is active when downloading and playing this game. Turn off the feature for purchasing by using the protection of the password.

Thanks to a variety of great features, Hay Day is a good choice for those who are looking for an agriculturalist mobile game. There is nothing happier than seeing the development of your crops and amazing products from your factories. The number of five-star reviews about this product from Google Play is 5 million. Only players above 13 years old are allowed to play this game.

Thousands of people satisfy with this interesting game. It’s your turn. Feel confident to spend your time downloading and playing Hay Day.