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Clash of Clans- Is it worth Enjoying?

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Clash of Clans- Is it worth Enjoying?

Have you ever heard about Clash of Clans? This game tells you the wars of players in a clan or different clans. Let’s relax this interesting game.

What happens if there are wars among different clans? This is possible in Clash of Clans game. Thousands of people are starting their adventure of building the village, developing a clan and having competitions in Clan Wars.

What is Clash of Clans game?

This free strategy game of Supercell allows players above 13 years old to enjoy. It was released on the iOS operating system on August 2, 2012. Then, it firstly appeared on the Android system in Finland and Canada on September 30, 2013. You could play the game on the single mode or multiplayer mode.

A great benefit of the game is that you can play it on a mobile phone or the computer. With some movements of the mouse, you have a chance to enjoy one of the most interesting games ever. Controlling the game is easy while setting it up is simple. Therefore, why don’t you start your adventure to a mysterious world of Wizards, Mustachioed Barbarians, and special troops?

Key Features

  • You could start playing the game on your own or participating in a Clan. This Clan has some players are welcoming you.
  • You play the role as a team to defeat other global players.
  • Use different traps, bombs, cannons, walls, and mortars to protect your village.
  • Attend a campaign to defeat the Goblin King.
  • Take advantage of Heroes, troops, and spells to set up effective battle strategies.
  • There are different events, wars, and challenges in the game.
  • Many upgraded levels appear in the game.
  • Feel confident to discover mysterious characters and buildings in the Builder Base

Besides these features, Clash of Clans is highly appreciated by some new features. For example, it adds an upgraded Town Hall 12. The most difficult defenses could be easily attacked by using Siege Machines. Besides, you can coordinate with your clan to get magical items.


You don’t have to spend fees for downloading and playing this game because everything is free. However, if you want to have some extra items, you must spend money on purchasing them. Turn off this feature in the settings of your device to make it disable.

Moreover, the age for playing and downloading this game should be more than 13 years old. Ensure that you activate Wifi before playing this game. Are you ready to enjoy this interesting game?

To sum up, the wars among different clans are challengeable, which require support from various factors such as cannons, walls, bombs, heroes, etc. In addition to classic features, the game also comes with new characteristics to challenge most of the players. Let’s download this game, and you will never regret spending time enjoying it.