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Hungry shark world and things you might not know

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Hungry shark world and things you might not know

The Meg has inspired Ubisoft to make a real night dream of despot monsters, HUNGRY SHARK WORLD. Let’s discover all fantastic features of this game.

The sharks are always the main character and the inspiration of films nowadays. It is the king of the ocean and threatens all the creatures in the world to face up with. Follow this trend; UBISOFT has released a new face of the game, which can bring a lot of success and revenue to this brand, Hungry Shark World.

The history of Hungry Shark World

Known as a great company with advanced techniques and perfect designs, UBISOFT never let us down with every production. From Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed to Hungry Shark World, all of them make a name for their entertainment as well as design.

Key features

Although they don't have any tradition road to go, Hungry Shark World still broadens their way to gamers’ heart by the creativity and the relaxation instead of showing their skills. If other games need gamers to make a huge effort, this game needs no more than your skills of moving and controlling the characters.

The sharks in this game are extraordinary.  They can eat whatever. So, what you have to do is orientate the shark by D-pad on screen. In the latest version of this game, Ubisoft even changes a little bit, that players need to tilt the screen to handle this problem.

It brings gamers four different worlds to discover: the tropic islands, the temps under the seas, the cities, and the floating ices. It has 250 missions to complete and 20 types of sharks. The more difficult the level is, the more surprising you are with these secret treasures. With that money, you can upgrade your shark to become stronger and better!

Especially, when it was released on console systems, it provides a screen with a resolution 4K, as well as advanced designs for PS4 PRO and Xbox One X.

However, because of its purpose to make fun, some people will get bored after passing some levels. It does not have the hardness and the whole story to go through: just a shark, and you. Your missions are to maintain its survival.

On the other hand, this game can be quite violent for kids. It contains some bloody scenes and horror for them. Sometimes it can leave mental illness too. Therefore, you must be careful in playing this game; make sure that you are not under 14. Parents must take care of their children when they play this game.

So, Hungry Shark World is exactly what it means to be. It is a new wind of entertainment for gamers who desire a break of time after fighting so hard. Although it still has some flaws, it is worthy of trying and playing the role of a shark. Have you tried this game? Please let us know what you think about Hungry Shark World!