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Jewels Legend - Match 3 Puzzle

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Jewels Legend - Match 3 Puzzle

If you want to play a simple but attractive game, you should put Jewels Legend - Match 3 Puzzle in your consideration. Let’s discover its mysterious features.

Do you like jewels? They are not only beautiful but also interesting in this game. There are plenty of colorful jewels that create lively effects. Feel confident to challenge yourself with different puzzles here. They require you to be smart to solve all castles in the role of a Jewel Star.

Rules of the Game

  • There is no difficulty in playing this game. All you need to do is reading the instructions of the game before starting. 
  • Your task is crushing more than 3 jewels in each line. 
  • The combination of 4 jewels helps set up lightning jewels to break a column or a row of jewels.
  • The combination of 5 jewels toward L or T shape can set up jewels bomb. It can break all around jewels.
  • When 5 jewels are matched in a row or column, they will set up color jewels. These special jewels can break jewels with a similar color.
  • The combination of 6 jewels sets up a big lightning jewel, which breaks jewels in a column or a row.
  • Try to overcome the present level by matching 2 exceptional jewels. This helps create impressive effects to support you.
  • Try to overcome all levels required in the game. 

By using your finger, you can change the order and match different jewels easily. The graphics are attractive, and the rules are simple to follow.

A big plus is that there is no limitation of time in playing this game. It means you don’t have to worry about the passing time, you could play the game everywhere, and every time you want.

If you don’t have Wifi, you should play offline games because they are completely free.

Key Features

  • The game is not only fun but also simple to play.
  • The total quest levels of jewels in this game are above 700. This number is increasing.
  • The number of castle levels is above 230.
  • There are 5 types of games
  • Gain jewel stars thanks to the support of magical boosters
  • Feel great to try free games that are added daily
  • If it is hard for you to find a suitable match, the game will give suggestions

Playing Jewels Legend - Match 3 Puzzle is a good way for you to interact with your friends. For instance, it offers a chance to invite your friends to play the game on Facebook. Moreover, talking to your friends is possible. You could play the game on different platforms and devices.

In conclusion, it’s worth enjoying this game for many reasons. You could challenge yourself on many levels. Try to get the Jewels Stars and overcome all levels of the game. Then, it’s time for you to open the way to castles. Although this game is free, it requires some extra fees for some quest hints and moves.