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My Talking Tom- A Funny Game for Both Children and the Elders

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My Talking Tom- A Funny Game for Both Children and the Elders

If you are looking for a fun and cute game, My Talking Tom is a good option. It offers great moments for relaxing in your free time. Let’s enjoy this game.

There is nothing happier than lying in a chair and playing My Talking Tom game after a hard-working day. This game is not only fun but also simple to understand. There are thousands of people all over the world are playing this game with big happiness. Why not you?  Let’s discover the way to play this game, and I ensure that you will laugh out loud immediately.

The History 

As a well-known virtual pet application, My Talking Tom is one of the best choices for gamers of different ages. Its developer is Outfit7, whose aim is helping people have fun, relaxing moments. The game was released its first version in November 2013 and has strongly developed nowadays.
If you play 2D Pou, you will find many similarities between 2 games. Another similar application with My Talking Tom is My Talking Angela. Both of them tell you the process of raising and taking care of the cute kitten- Tom.

How to Play My Talking Tom

Tom is a cute cat that guarantees to make you smile all the time. Playing with Tom brings many surprises to you. You will be busy to take care of this cute cat with many daily activities:

  • Supply enough food to him
  • Let him go to the toilet
  • Poking, petting, or speaking to Tom is possible. Tom hears and remembers all you have said and repeats them funnily. 
  • Your task is making Tom happy. You must ensure that he is always laughing and smiling
  • Feel free to select a suitable minigame in his collection, including adventure, action and puzzle games

Besides, you could turn Tom into a surprisingly interesting cat with plenty of new clothes.  Choose beautiful clothes and wear them for Tom. He will look so handsome in the eye-catching outfit. Everything will come true with some simple techniques.

Do you want to turn him into a superhero, a pilot, an astronaut, or keep him normal? Some combinations of outfit promise to change the appearance of Tom a lot.

Decorate his house by adding necessary furniture to it. Each room has many cool items for decoration. Feel pleasant to make some changes in the cat’s room, and you will be surprised.

What’s more? You can become a companion of Tom in his travels to many countries. Take photographs of him to keep memorable moments. They perhaps make you smile for each time of watching his photos.

Where to Download My Talking Tom

There are different versions of My Talking Tom. You could download this game from Google Play, App Store, Amazon, etc. Hope you have great relaxing moments with this interesting kitten.