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Real bike racing: virtual race, real feeling

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Real bike racing: virtual race, real feeling

Yes, you don’t misunderstand; REAL BIKE RACING brings you different types of feelings. Let’s discover this game.

The Racing game series are familiar with gamers, especially those who love high-speed and adventurousness. So, how can you set Real Bike Racing apart from thousands of racing games? If you don't know, Real Racing Game has its highlights and attraction. We are here to help you find out what will engage you in this game.

Key features

First of all, Real Bike Racing is a free game to download on Google Play, check it in here:

It imitates the real bikes and is a product of Y Game company. Real Bike Racing provides you with the chance to race with ten other superbikes. You must stand up to other competitors to win the race. Sound nothing special, but one interesting thing is that you do it based on the melody of different songs.

Moreover, because it is made in the version of 3D, every scene looks colorful, splash, and realistic. You have to maintain your confidence to pass through the barriers and difficulties on the whole track. When you finish the race, it will be a surprise to see mind-blowing sightseeing. It is so real that gamers commended that they thought they were watching a race on TV. Editors pay attention to all smallest details to complete their mission successfully.

The soundtracks are also an element to the success of Real Bike Racing. You can hear the sound of engines revving up and switching gears. You cannot take eyes off the screen, and the sound keeps you focused.

An innovation of this new version is that you can see the road, as well as things from, different angles by tapping on the side mirror icon. You know where you are like in real life, but you have another chance to look scenery behind you while participating in the race.

You will be up against players from different places in the whole world. The tracks are tough and devious. Therefore, it needs real racers who are adventurous and brave enough to pass and win. There are also some hard bends for you to show your skills. You need to get used to brakes. It will help you slow down, negotiate turns without crashing or falling off your bikes.

Unfortunately, Real Bike Racing is hard to play at first, due to its control. Acceleration is unnecessarily difficult for beginners. The joystick is not compatible and players quite unlike this part of this game.

To sum up

In spite of some problems with control, Real Bike Racing is a good game for anyone who wants to do racing without going out. It reminds us of Road Rash and other late 90s titles for PC. After the whole years, it has some improvements to bring us more joy while playing. Have you had your own opinion about this game? Have you decided to play Real Bike Racing or not? Please let us know by commenting on this review!