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Stickman ninja legends and the untold story of warriors

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Stickman ninja legends and the untold story of warriors

Do you have a dream of becoming a ninja since childhood? Visit STICKMAN NINJA LEGENDS, where you have all rights to achieve your dream.

The action series of the game is familiar with us nowadays. We can kill time as well as entertain ourselves. However, Stickman Legends is worthwhile because of its perfect combination between action and role-playing game.

Why must it be Stickman Legends? 

Stickman Legends is produced by Zitga PTE. Ltd on 10/3/2017. The producers have provided freely download versions of this game on Google Play after a whole time sneak peek.

Based on a variety of characters in this game, gamers can play as the role of a ninja, Knight, Shooting, Archer, Wizard... Your enemies are evil zombies who desire to human’s brains. What you have to do is protect yourself against these powerful opponents. You now have a chance to be immersed in an adventurous story.

What is interesting about this game is the untold story left behind? In Arvilla village of Maikaland, a warrior was born to have a mission of defeating the dark lord. He has to bring the last hope of light to the earth before it is too late. Each of the lands where Stickman conquered is another place for life.

The fascinating story inspires gamers to download this game, to be this warrior, and to save the world. It leads players to cross the land with many difficult challenges, and till the end of the danger, the death still gradually increases. The harder you try, the more coins you will get to upgrade Stickman. You can also buy some surprising skills like Slash Hit or Fire Dragon. This can help you defeat the dark easier.


As a hero, who can save the world, players must fight against dangerous and continually attacking monsters. This is a crazy war. Just one mistake, and you can lose your life anytime. Therefore, use wisely your skills to get the warrior stronger, and you now can defeat the dark lord.

One of the most interesting elements to the success of this game is graphics. The design is very outstanding, and visual effects can blow our minds. The graphics are very lively and the soundtrack as if we are in the real war. With this element, you can experience being a real hero, and this is your mission to complete.


With the variety of characters, levels, attack, or defense must be improved. All of these is important for you to defeat your enemies. You can get some gems, coins, or golds to upgrade your characters. You can also combine every weapon you have wisely. Stickman Legends gives you a chance to complete your characters, with modern weapon and a brave mental of a real hero!


Average of 4.6 stars reviewed, Stickman Legends is a game worthwhile to try one. It is more challenging for both players and streamers when it has the billboard now.
Do You have enough bravery to be on top of this Billboard? Are you fearless and ready to rescue the world? Stickman Legends is waiting for you. Don't hesitate to share with us your best experience!!!