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The real madness of cooking even in a game

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The real madness of cooking even in a game

You always dream of becoming a chef. You want to taste every savory and try every recipe in this world. Cooking Madness is born for you.

The time management game is familiar with us. We would like that type of game to relax after a whole tiring work day. It brings us happiness and entertainment that sometimes we are so addicted to it. Cooking Madness is not an exception. Becoming a chef as a dream comes true, you will have a chance to experience how to use preliminary ingredients for cooking and serving them. Download and play it free to have a fun time in here:

What is Cooking Madness?

Cooking Madness is a cooking time management arcade game by VOODOO Friends Games. Same as Delicious - Emily’s Christmas Carol, Cooking Madness brings an unforgettable cooking experience with both skills and time. What you need to reach the best goal is attention to detail and time. If you accidentally make a mistake or get distracted, it would be hard to achieve the goal as you set.

The producers call it ”Cooking Madness” because you will have to cook like mad. This version will not let you down by the capacity of playing offline free. It requires speed, accuracy, and even your reflex to customers’ request. A good chef does not just serve best dishes but is also hard-working, patient, and highly focused.


Cooking Madness is a real game for relaxation, especially suitable for female. It provides you with different restaurants, levels, and new cultures such as Chinese food. It will not be just a game; it has its effect on your real cooking skills.

The graphics in this game are very cute. They impress players on the first sight by their cute sketch. It attracts you to find out more, to explore new restaurants, new recipes and meet you, new customers. Not only a game, but it is also your journey to discover the cooking world. It is a chance to practice your cooking techniques and time management skills.

However, with some drawbacks, Cooking Madness is not perfect. It is addicted to a small group of people who love cooking. Some people might find it is boring to play this type of game. Some functions are not clear enough for customers to know what they need to do. They might get lost in the way to serve those harsh customers.

Despite familiar content with some other games, Cooking Madness has its highlight in both graphic design and how to play. It is the combination of time management skills and discovering the cooking world of delicious dishes and recipes.

Have you tried it so far? We bet that you won't regret downloading it. Please let us know your opinion under this post.