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Training your shooting skills with sniper 3d assassin

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Training your shooting skills with sniper 3d assassin

Have you always dreamt of being a skillful assassin to put an end to your enemies’ life? If yes, this game is suitable for you to enjoy right now.

The shooting game series is one of the best-wanted types of games for players. You would like to spend a day off and complete your missions through a scoop of the gun. With 3D Assassin, you can one-step to be a professional assassin.


This game is the first-person shooter genre. You are playing as the role of a professional but anonymous sniper, who performs contract duties. You are not the person who only thinks about themselves and put money above all. You have a rational feeling about everything that happens around you.

This sniper is the member of a mysterious organization set up by the military. And you must complete missions to find and kill the wanted prisoners. Besides, the purpose of this organization is specializing in the implementation of military missions cannot be immersed in.


The highlight in this game lies in the gun control mechanism. In other shooting games, players can easily touch the screen to control the gun center and aim. But in Sniper 3D Assassin, you must tilt the device to the left, right, up and down to perform a perfect shoot.

It imitates the way you hold a real gun in a weightless environment, extremely difficult to master but addictive as well. At the beginning of the game, players will easily overcome basic tasks. But the next missions require skillful players to complete the tasks.

You can escape the role that you are a hiding sniper to be a real soldier. Immersed in the chasing in streets, or sit in the helicopter to shoot your enemies. How amazing it is!!

Although it is 3D graphics, the design is not outstanding. Some moves of characters are so weird and far-fetched. You can see that their faces and steps do not live up to expectations. However, the soundtracks in this game are very good. They have the sound of an explosion as if it was real life. You can experience amazing missions with sound on.

Another drawback of this game is that you must gain enough diamonds to upgrade your gun, or else you cannot see anything to shoot. The gun must be upgraded quite much, and sometimes this will irritate the players.

Although it has some cons in this game, overall, the pros are outstanding. With 4.6 stars reviewed on Google Play, this game is worth your time playing. This is also one of the best shooting games nowadays.

Do you have enough skills and bravery to be our sniper assassin? Join this game and leave us your thought about it.