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Traveling Through Many Regions and Get A Chance To Play With Best Friends

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Traveling Through Many Regions and Get A Chance To Play With Best Friends

Are you searching for some super tough puzzles to entertain? Then knock knock, BEST FRIENDS is calling on your door.

With the number of levels reaching over 3000,  the game has attracted over 90.000.000 players all over the world. Set foot into Minutia, the world of tiny cheeky insects, or also called, “Fiends”.
Here, you will find yourselves tons of interesting puzzles, which are unbelievably challenging, waiting for you to solve them. But if you think that’s all about it, then you are wrong. On completing those puzzles, you earn yourselves extremely cute characters. You will have a chance to level them up, put them to the front line to knock out evil monsters known as Slugs.

The puzzles even appear as a battle, but you must use your intelligence, taking steps after steps to control your little warriors and defeat the Slugs. Furthermore, having a chance to level up your “Fiends”, the game may bring up to you much more excitement. For a person who loves puzzles games, there can be no better pleasure during your breaks and relaxation time.

The Story of Best Friends

The main storyline of BEST FRIENDS tells about the little creatures of Minutia. From very long ago, Minutia was still a perfect world, where its resident was still living in peace and harmony. Suddenly, a meteor smashed into Mount Boom, bringing with it a strange force that transformed the Slugs who lived there into an army of evil pests.

Now, the Slugs are taking over the world, munching a path through Minutia and sliming up everything they touch!

But a brave band of heroes is fighting back! Left alone when the Slugs conquered most of Minutia, these unlikely champions are on the way to solve the mystery of Mount Boom and beat back the Slug advance.


  • Challenging, interesting, exciting, those are the words that would best describe BEST FIENDS. With these following features, you should not miss a chance to try something incredibly new and novel:
  • Friedrich Puzzles Casual puzzle game play that is easy to play, hard to master.
  • Collect and Level-up Build a team of Best Fiends and discover their special powers!
  • The best of both worlds Line matching puzzle game with RPG character development!
  • Daily Events Play and win something new every time you open the game!
  • Compete against your Facebook friends to Win massive rewards!
  • Immersive experience: Dazzling graphics and finger-tapping music!
  • Watch the animation to Discover awesome Best Fiends videos!
  • Stay tuned with More levels, characters, gameplay, and some surprises coming soon!

So what are you waiting for. Download the game right now, and invite your friends to play with to experience a happy time together.

PLEASE NOTE! Best Friends is completely free to download and play, but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Share with us the happiest moment lost in this game right now!